Kuntha Bopha Hospital Receives Donation from NOCC

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Kuntha Bopha Hospital Receives Donation from NOCC

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Google Translate:

Secretary National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC), he overwhelmed in the morning of 17 July 2014 has brought the foundation number 6,000 dollars to hand over to the hospital Kantha btha to assist in healing and rescuing children have disease.

He overwhelmed, said Evans that funds 6,000 dollars that money charity for donations helping hospital Kantha btha this is not the interest of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, but is money that we get from organizing events, sports race Half Marathon Penh International 4th in front of the Royal Palace on 15 June.

In the hand of money, he went on to said that "this is the initiative of HE Thong Khon, president of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia to seek funds through sporting activities for all to help the hospital Thor, advances btha well as helping our society as well."

Laurent Denis, France, the Vice Fund Bopha Hospital, said, usually every day, always generous money donations to the hospital are less - more private and state institutions.

He said that the report half of 2014, we get the money series total of 30 thousand dollars already, while 2013 we get 50 thousand dollars, so we hope that in 2014 we will get the money charity $ 1 million from other donors, but the cost per year, all up to 40 million dollars, it said.

However Vice Fund Hospital Bopha above expressed feeling very happy, he said, "Today I am excited abundant which received $ 6,000 dollars from the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia, an institutional sports independent non-political not business profit but to mobilize and unite seek donors through action sports come help the hospital us to help young poor who are ill."

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http://www.dap-news.com/2011-06-14-02-3 ... 03-34.html
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Re: Kuntha Bopha Hospital Receives Donation from NOCC

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Now if we could only get a hospital in Snooky. Why does Kampot have a new hospital and not Snooky.

Example of the clinics in Snooky:

Recently an American friend of mine went to the clinic most every expat uses in Snooky. He had lesions on his forehead. The head doctor at this clinic said it was a bacterial infection, he had seen it many times and dug it out. The friend ended up going to America were the hospital is dealing with his squamous skin cancer. Clinics in Snooky, one step above witchdoctors.
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Re: Kuntha Bopha Hospital Receives Donation from NOCC

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I was in Sihanoukville a few years back, just passing time inbetween contracts. I had some kind of boil or bite or sting on the outside of my thigh. I went to a clinic in town, and agreed a reasonable price to be looked at and have it drained if necessary.
He injected me with an 'anaesthetic', which could only have been water as it did absolutely nothing, then proceeded to slice away at the area with his scalpel. Immense pain. I gritted my teeth and saw it as a challenge, and to be honest the thing was pus-filled and needed draining. Then he began to squeeze and slice, so the pain just amplified.
Meanwhile, a lady that I assumed to be the clinic cleaner wandered in, looking like she had just been gutting fish, or assisting in a birth or slaughter of some kind. What a time to mop the floors, I thought. Where's the privacy as I lie here with my pants around my thighs, covering my junk? What was most suprising was that next, the quack gave the scalpel to the woman and she had a good go at it too. That was enough, so I asked for a dressing as I wanted to leave.

Suddenly the price had tripled, but my blood was boiling so I threw him a $5 bill and cursed loudly. The sorry looking patients idly sat around, gawping at the TV, didn't even blink.
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