Kampot tourist boats to move to east side of river

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Re: Kampot tourist boats to move to east side of river

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That building site has the machines being assembled or working today... They bore 1m wide holes very deep. Across the river the first frame work in being erected for the new moorings....seen it all with my own eyes I did !
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Re: Kampot tourist boats to move to east side of river

Post by AndyKK »

one_dolla wrote: Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:33 am
AndyKK wrote: Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:27 am Just a few weeks ago I was staying in a hotel overlooking the gate in the above photo, yes people working now and again but not much progress if any. But who knows like John says its been going on for five years. Next week it could be floor two.
recently seen heavy equipment in there for boring big holes for 6m or more deep pillings...
Yes, that is what I witnessed and about 5 worker's not doing a lot. One of the plant equipment seems also to have subsidised it's self into the ground. But again another day and they could have a large crew in there.
The works I understand has been proposed for a long time, even people were moved along with their businesses, and the warning of the disruption caused for nearby establishments when work is commencing. It seems that is how things work here, and then followed by no, or little progress. Then again I don't know or understand the conditions of the dealing of these investors. Lets say I am happy they have not got my penny's in their bank.
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Re: Kampot tourist boats to move to east side of river

Post by j57 »

In 2017 I signed a one year lease in Sihanoukville.
I was told 2 weeks later the chinese would buy my building.
5 months later, I was given 30 days to vacate.
I climbed aboard the Kampot bound snake and moved down the coast to slim pickensville.
I found a house and within a few months, the owner, was pissed he was locked into the lease. He began to try and sell it. He was delighted when I told him I would move after 11 months if he gave me back my deposit. I moved to Siem Reap. The coast is not worth the bullshit.
I wanted to live in Kep. But, I decided to get off the snake and move.
The snake is what a Khmer friend of mine calls the expat migration after a few beers..
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Re: Kampot tourist boats to move to east side of river

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Kampot tourist boats to move to east side of river
phuketrichard wrote: Thu Nov 28, 2019 4:14 pm The Kampot provincial authority on Tuesday set a 20-day deadline for the owners of 19 tourist boats to relocate from the east to the west side of the Praek Tuek Chhu river...
:? East west, to from - these are not important terms in navigation.
You could be next.
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