Immigration Police going door to door in Sihanoukville

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Re: Immigration Police going door to door in Sihanoukville

Post by kiwiincambodia »

There is 2 things going on at the same time here.

As a foreigner you should be registered in you local sangkat, this should be done by your landlord when you rent a house.

It seems like the ministry is going to use these records to find long tern residents that don't have work permits.

Since day 1 I've been covered so I'm not worried. But this is serious and they are cracking down on it. Be warned. This is not going to just go away like in the past... IMHO.
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Re: Immigration Police going door to door in Sihanoukville

Post by Username Taken »

The tip of the iceberg chaps.

Once they've got you all registered and legal, then just wait for the taxman to come a'callin' to collect the tax you haven't paid.

Party's over!

If you're overly concerned, then perhaps it's time for you to relocate to Laos or Burma for a while. :shock:
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Re: Immigration Police going door to door in Sihanoukville

Post by vladimir »

ali baba wrote:I often see police doing their jobs.
It's not something to write home about.

Tell me when you see traffic police doing their jobs. That's unusual.
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