demonstration to the vietnamese Embassy

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demonstration to the vietnamese Embassy

Post by phuketrichard »

Ole sam is really turning up the heat.

what the fuck is it with Cambodia?

why do the military/police wear motorcycle helmets to hide their face? ... 91&fref=nf
Violent crackdown on demonstrators by police forces and CPP thugs in front of the Vietnamese Embassy in Phnom Penh. Cambodian Buddhist monks, youth and other citizens want the Hanoi government to apologize to the Khmer people following an allegation made recently by a Vietnamese Embassy official that Kampuchea Krom (or Southern Cambodia annexed by Vietnam last century) had always belonged to Vietnam.
not a good time to be Khmer Krom in Thailand and illegal ... -thai-coup
Sao Mon* hasn’t left his small, fifth-storey apartment in Thailand since the May 22 coup.

The 37-year-old asylum seeker came to Thailand looking for a safe haven five years ago, but now fears that at any moment, he, his wife and two young daughters will be arrested and added to the swell of over 250,000 Cambodian returnees. But as Khmer Krom, Mon and his family could face more than just economic consequences upon return.

“If they arrest us and send us back to Vietnam, I will die,” said Mon, who sorts chilies in his living room to make money without leaving the house.
“For Khmer Krom in Thailand, the circumstances have gotten even worse as Thai authorities [started] raiding to collect illegal migrant workers and send them back to Cambodia. Most of [the Khmer Krom] are in hiding and locking themselves in their rooms,” Ang Chanrith, MIRO executive director, said.
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Re: demonstration to the vietnamese Embassy

Post by JBTrain »

The ultra nationalist demonstrators at the Viet Embassy today, in demanding an apology from the VN ambassador for saying something he didn't say* do a real disservice to those advocating that Vietnam address the legitimate grievances of the Khmer Krom people. That's my position.

*What he is alleged in social media to have said: "Kampuchea Krom has always been part of Vietnam"

What he actually said: "Kampuchea Krom has been part of Vietnam for a very long time before 1949." (An accurate statement).

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