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Anyone posting Herbalife or any other MLM will not only be removed and banned, we'll likely hire people to find out where you live and burn your house down you exploitive pricks.
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Re: Teachers wanted

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nobody corrects the grammar police!
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Re: Teachers wanted

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taabarang wrote:Hi Vlad,
I'm sorry that you removed("edited") the post to further world peace; it showed a petty side of you that has become more pronounced lately as you strike out at posters in the "interests of world peace." Nonetheless, a few points need to be made.

1. I do not wear a suit and tie when I work in my garden and I do not use my
"Sunday" English on this forum. Many of the points you attacked were frankly childishly petty; I was using colloquial English instead of "proper"English. I prefer a more relaxed style for this and other forums.

2. I was not applying for a job; I was inquiring about several points of interest. I will not burden you with a list of my qualifications; you many however rest assured that they are extensive. My last job, which I quit after my wife and I moved to the countryside, was at ACE, where I worked for five years. Doubtlessly, that institution does not meet your high standards.

3. I was inquiring in part because I am concerned about education in Cambodia and in part out of curiosity about a school I had never heard of. I found OP's response offensively condescending and typical for reasons already stated. As a father of two children the state of education in Cambodia is of concern to me, not as an applicant for a teaching position, but as a long term expat who does not want his children to be subjected to the mediocre quality that typifies education in Cambodia. Of course, it all starts with the administration; hence, my anger. I have encountered this haughty attitude frequently in my teaching jobs in Cambodia. As a result of having turned my back on being an active participant, I have found a new and rewarding life living in rural Cambodia teaching English to my children and on occasion village children.

Vlad, you are obviously highly intelligent, but are making assumptions that have no merit. Stick to puns where you excell.
I know, a month old thread, but Taabarang is spot on. (Esp. Point 3!)
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