German man seeking job marketing

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German man seeking job marketing

Post by Svencambodia1234 »

Dear sirs, 

My name is sven from Germany. I am just living in cambodia / takeo province and seeking a job in phnom penh.

I have 16 years experience in marketing and as a sales representative  with an own annual turnover of 350.000 euro. 3 years experience as a manager of a building managment company. 4 years trainer and teacher of military transport logistics. 

I am a teamleader also a military teacher in classrooms. Organisation and find solutions i am skilled too. I done my degree in econimics field at high trade school in germany. 

I can send my certificates in an email. They are also . 
translated to english.

Mr. Weinert

P.s. mich würde interessieren wer hier noch einen job sucht in kambodscha. Gern Erfahrungsaustausch. Schreibt mir einfach.
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