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Re: Current Vacancies

Post by TRM » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:05 pm


Vacancies for the following list below:

ExaPro Company Limited (Phnom Penh Based)

Senior Administration Officer (1 vacancy) - 450$
IT Engineer (1 vacancy) - 300$
Skilled construction trades - all types (28 vacancies) - 400$ + Overtime to make average of 500$-550$
Marketing Officer (2 vacancies) - 280$
MEP Engineers/Technician (8 vacancies) – 300$

TaTai Resort & Marina (Koh Kong based)

Events Manager (1 vacancy)* - 700$
F&B Customer Service Staff (2 vacancies)
With skill no experience 135$ - 150$, with skill have experience $165.00 – $185.00/month
Shop Assistant Manager / retail (1 vacancy)
$190-$230 /month with skill and no experience, $200.00-$280.00 with some skill and experience
Maintenance Engineer (1 vacancy)
$130.00 – $150/month with skill and no experience. $170.00 – $200.00/month with skill and some experience.

Those marked with an asterisk indicate that non-Khmer applications are accepted, otherwise Khmer only, with English language an advantage.

Please send your CV with cover letter of the position you are applying to [email protected] or [email protected]
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