Top three cafes offering strange and unusual drinks

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Top three cafes offering strange and unusual drinks

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:53 am

Chak Sokpheng, the owner of 6A Cafe, adds durian fruit to give his sugarcane juice a unique twist. He also plans to roll out sugarcane juice with mint, passion fruit, pineapple, pandan leaf and guava. Heng Chivoan

Soung Sovanny and Sous Yamy
15 August 201

From unusual tropical fruits you’ve likely never heard of, to coffee served with slices of coconut meat,

With drink carts and coffee shops mushrooming on every corner in Cambodia, it’s a common sight these days to find virtually all people carrying some sort of beverage when walking down the street.The Kingdom’s beverage culture is blossoming and now expanding beyond the staples, with some coffee shops targeting more niche markets by creating their own original concoctions

Khting Vor Cafe
Founded by Tang Ekkhung, whose restaurant Sek Meas became a household name in Kampong Cham province, Khting Vor Cafe serves unusual but healthy drinks made from unusual tropical fruits including canistel, wood apple and jambolan.

Born into a family of restaurateurs, the 33-year-old described himself as taste explorer and was trained in the culinary arts at the Global Cooking School and as a barista at Bon Cafe.

Ekkhung likes to break the norm, selecting unusual ingredient usually reserved for religious offerings rather than eating.

“One day, my staff brought me canistel fruits. As I was peeling the fruit, I thought the texture on the inside looked like a well cooked egg yolk and that it might be good for making a smoothie,” Ekkhung recalled.........

Coconut Coffee
With two branches selling a few hundred cups of coffee each day, coconut coffee has become a popular drink for those seeking an alternative way to get their daily caffeine fix.

Founded by Ouk Sopheatra and a friend two years ago as a mobile street cart before upgrading to a cafe, the coffee served is topped with slices of coconut meat.

The cafe has become a big hit despite the abundance of coffee shops and stands in Phnom Penh.

“My friend is a heavy coffee drinker, but I am not so much. Before we started our business, my friend decided he wanted to sell a drink that is different from the rest. .............

6A Cafe
Praised as an entirely natural energy drink, sugarcane has always been a favourite sweet street beverage among Cambodians. But for some expats and foreigners, the inevitable sight of flies and wasps buzzing around the discarded sugarcane can be off-putting for hygiene reasons.

This is why Chak Sokpheng, the owner of 6A Cafe, started selling sugarcane juice to introduce this local favourite to a wider variety of people.

“I was running a grilled banana shop and never thought of adding any drink to my menu. One day I met two foreigners who came to buy my grilled banana. They bought sugarcane juice from the street nearby my shop. I heard one of them ask the other, ‘aren’t you afraid of food poisoning?’ I was embarrassed to hear foreigners talking about a local drink like this,” the 32-year-old explains..............

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