Sundance On 172

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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by JessB52 »

SockPuppet wrote:I agree. Cheap drinks, nice bar and you can sit by the pool. If you are lucky one night you might see a nicely dressed gentleman that comes for a swim - fully dressed
If I'm thinking of the same guy he went mental last year and got deported. He was a nice chap though.
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by FreeSocrates! »

Sundance has good gravy... I think it's packaged kind from Thai Hutt, but I still like it...
The cedar roasted asparagus has good chew. I don't know how to enjoy it, so I'll Instagram it instead.
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by sanjuro »

It's good. Not great. Not bad. But good. Plenty of competitive lodging options.
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by Jaap N. »

How is the food at Sundance? Their website doens't provide very much information about food at all, and yes I know that's a bit of an understatement. What kind of food would you recommend?

Re: Sundance On 172

Post by Jaap_N. »

Bump. I have to eat somewhere tonight. Lol
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by GMJS-CEO »

I think they have an "all you can eat" wings each week. I can't say how good the food is as every time i have consumed it was after a number of those cheap mixed drinks they sell.
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by Cowshed Cowboy »

Jaap_N. wrote:Bump. I have to eat somewhere tonight. Lol
The place I like to eat in that area is Chat n Chew across the road from Sundance. Their beef Wellington is a favourite of mine.
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by phuketrichard »

only had breakfast there , not bad but the food at lonestar around the corner is better
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by Sir_Quality_U_Feel »

phuketrichard wrote:only had breakfast there , not bad but the food at lonestar around the corner is better
For sure about Lonestar. I love their ribs+ 2 sides for $7.

Sundance is a great bar and the owners and staff their rock. Usually a decent mix of people, never much trouble. Nice pool area to lounge around in out back.

It is indeed a pretty nice watering hole. Live music at times as well. It is also right there around all the other riverside pubs so a great bar to hop to and from.
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Re: Sundance On 172

Post by StroppyChops »

Is that a reasonable serve of ribs or do you find yourself thinking about ordering a second plate?
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