Steak Science... don't thaw them if they're already frozen?

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Re: Steak Science... don't thaw them if they're already froz

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I have my relatives in America ship me Wright's Liquid Smoke. I also looked all over Singapore to see if the mega-stores carried it, but they don't. Stubbs is one of the better Bar-B-Q sauces in America, but I like the "Famous Dave's" brand that is sold at their wonderful rib restaurants. (Devil's Spit) Great even though its a chain of restaurants. I love the fest for four people and they bring it out on a metal garbage can lid. They don't do the overcooked falling-off-the-bone ribs, but the tender, but firm, on the bone ribs with a rub/marinade, and you add the selection of Bar-B-Q sauces in squeeze bottle at your table. Their beef brisket is to die for and comes with the fest.
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Re: Steak Science... don't thaw them if they're already froz

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tender and firm = smoked. fall of the bone = broiled/boiled.


smoking makes the "bark" that sort of binds the meat together better.
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