meat and chicken

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meat and chicken

Post by clippy »

before i would ususally buy chicken breasts in the market, from some cham girls (they were the only ones that sold chicken breast)

the chicken was really big, and cheap but tasted kind of watery. one time the stall was closed and i went and bought chicken from sumedera supermarket instead. noticably smaller breast and less tasting like water.

do you think they inject the meat with water to make it look bigger? i thought that buying from the market might be the way to avoid that

for those people who operate restaurants or hotels, and know food. what advice is there on getting best quality meat and veggies? markets or supermarkets best?
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Re: meat and chicken

Post by Digg3r »

Injecting meat to add weight is a common practice the world over. I wouldn't buy from them anymore. When I ran a guesthouse our chicken supplier operated out at the market but as we'd buy in bulk we'd get it delivered straight from slaughter.
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Re: meat and chicken

Post by Bitte_Kein_Lexus »

I wouldn't worry about it. Meat at the markets is a good 30-40% cheaper and usually fresher. Remember that there are two kinds of chicken. The big white thai breast and the small yellow Cambodian countryside chicken. If it doesn't taste right from a particular seller then switch it up...
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