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Re: Hangover cure

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You can quit drinking easily by taking Baclofen every day. It will also work for a hangover or withdrawals. You take 10mg every hour, once you reach 70-80mg it triggers the part in your brain that craves alcohol. So you have no more cravings, usually about 2pm. Take every day. After 4 years you will reset from alcohol addiction. After that you won't need the Baclofen anymore. Check out www.baclofentreatment.com for more info. It's worked for me! :Yahoo!:

You can get Baclofen in Cambodia, it is a common drug. I found some a few years ago. Better to get it in Thailand i think, cheaper. Pharmacy in Trat has musclofen.
Baclofen turns basic ideas about the treatment of alcoholism on their head.

There were some new and radical concepts emerging:

1.Maybe it’s not that alcoholism is really hard to treat, rather that we didn’t have effective enough treatment for it.
2.Maybe alcoholism isn’t inevitably a chronic, relapsing disease with a poor prognosis. Maybe if we treated alcohol dependence earlier with more effective treatments, we would see a radical change in the natural history.

That’s the root of the problem. It’s a new paradigm and in a fundamentally conservative profession like medicine, new ideas often take a long time from invention to adoption, around 10-15 years on average. This is not all bad. The first principal of medicine is “first do no harm”. But can also create long delays in important new treatments becoming widely available.
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