Discussions about restaurants, cafes, coffee shops or bars in Cambodia. Feel free to write any reviews you have, whether its the best burger you've had in Phnom Penh or the worse pizza in sihanoukville, we want to read it! Discussions about Khmer dishes are also in here, or you can leave your own. If you own a restaurant, feel free to let the expat community know about it here so that we can come check it out. Found a favorite cafe or have a place we should avoid? Tell us about it. Asian recipes & questions are always welcome.
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After having had my share of bad coffee from various supermarkets and shops, I went on Monday to
SIN VENG YU - Coffee World

The shop is near the big market. If you standing with in front of the Soyra bus station walk left = north. it is close to the street corner on the right hand side. The place was spotless clean and could be a role model for local hospitals.

They sell some 7-8 different beans, including 2 varieties each from Laos (Pakse) and Vietnam. Interestingly, they have coffee from Pailin. I opted for some coffee from Pakse at 12 USd a kg. I had some bad luck as a knowledge lady working in the shop just came by and told me the Pailin would be better (at 16 USD a kg). The beans are ground on site and they grind them fresh for you.

I am satisfied with the quality but wonder if there is another shop like that one in PP. Any idea?
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Re: coffee

Post by Joker Poker »

JBT mentioned this mob in another thread. I've not tried them yet but it's on the list of things to do.
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Re: coffee

Post by Sailorman »

I buy Three Corners beans at Samadera's in Snooky and its quite good. I wish they would make a decaf as with my BP meds that would be a plus. I have a friend flying in from Hawaii and he's brining me some decaf "Kona" coffee.
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Re: coffee

Post by picooie »

I have been buying coffee from them for years. The store near Central Maket has "Special" prices for barangs. The coffee you are quoting for 12 to 16 dollars you can but at their other store near Orressay (sp)?? Market for 6 to 8 dollars. The shop is right across the road from the market next to a tailor shop.

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