Churro cart

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Churro cart

Post by Bitte_Kein_Lexus »

I haven't been in that area in ages, but stopped by a Churro cart today as I'd never seen one here before. He'll, they're kind of hard to find where I come from! Cambodia isn't exactly California so I was surprised to see people selling some here. Tasted ok (can't really remember what they're supposed to taste like). Came with a nice little Churro holder and a small cup of sauce as well. It's on St.63 a few blocks north of Mao Tsé Tung.

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Re: Churro cart

Post by Hotdigr »

LOL, about 20 years ago, my old man (ever the entrepreneur), after a trip to Spain, decided that Churro's were going to be Australia's next big thing. He bought the carts and cooking equipment, bought a "run" at Dreamworld and one at Movieworld, hired some staff and away he went. Unfortunately he was about 15 years to early and it all went tits up! Now I believe they sell like hotcakes ( pun there Vlad, I don't make many!) in loads of places in Oz :facepalm:
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Re: Churro cart

Post by chkwoot »

Great name! "Bony Churros". Doesn't make them more appealing to me though. Maybe they should setup near Salt Lounge?
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Re: Churro cart

Post by vladimir »

chkwoot wrote:Great name! "Bony Churros". Doesn't make them more appealing to me though. Maybe they should setup near Salt Lounge?

Wait for the Scots version:

Bonny bony churros.

Indian version:

Bony churras
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Re: Churro cart

Post by StroppyChops »

Or the Japanese version Koni Churro
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Re: Churro cart

Post by max »

That's progress.
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