Chili Cook Off in Sihanoukville

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Re: Chili Cook Off in Sihanoukville

Post by Jo Bold »

IIRC you ended first and third in the peoples choice.
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Re: Chili Cook Off in Sihanoukville

Post by Milord »

Please post your recipes. Then this thread would be the greatest ever. :)
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Re: Chili Cook Off in Sihanoukville

Post by OrangeDragon »

Jahns chili's were great. Close match for sure... I only managed to squeak by with a single point victory. Honestly, had he put beans in his 4 alarm he may have taken it all.

My recipe is quite simple, as chili always should be in my opinion.

1 kilo khmer beef, ground with 200 grams of beef fat added in the grinding process. browned in a skillet with a bit chili powder added near the end then drained.

in a pot, add:
2 cans heinz hot chili beans
1 can chipotle peppers
1/2 bottle louisiana hot sauce.
6 khmer chilies, minced and then crushed
3 jalapeno peppers minced
3 cups of water (or so)
loads of chili powder and paprika to taste
1/2 can of beer
1/4 tsp of cornstarch added at the end to make it thicker and more "sticky" so that the flavors in the sauce coat the meat and beans well.

bring it to a boil, then lower the heat and let it simmer for 2-4 hours.

at this point, it's technically fine to just eat. but i prefer to then put it in the fridge overnight and let the flavors mingle a bit, then reheat it, then fridge again... then heat and serve.
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Re: Chili Cook Off in Sihanoukville

Post by LaudJohn »

Here is my basic recipie

For my basic Chili - 2 1/2 Alarm Chili with or without beans.

Brown quality Aussie Minced Beef
Sautee chopped Onions and lots of Garlic
Sautee Green Capsicum and Red Capsicum
Put all ingredients in one pot.

Add Spices:
Black Pepper
Chilli powder (lots)
Cayenne Pepper

Add chopped Red Chili

Add Tins of Tomatoes

Add Tomato Paste (if necessary, depending on the thickness of the tomatoes)

Cook for a while then add drained kidney Beans

Simmer for another hour or more until the right consistency is arrived at.

Refrigerate for at least one day.

As for quantities, sorry I will not give them away.

My Chili will be available in Sihanoukville at my resort next summer season.

For the 4 alarm Chili, just add more chopped Chili. - The one for the competition did not have beans, as I prefer Chili this way and for a point of difference.

My entering of the Chilis in this competition was for market research, with the Peoples Choice my goal, which was achieved. The average person is my potential customer no the Judges.

I will be entering both again in the LoneStar Chili competition this year, but I may put beans in the 4 Alarm Chili.
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Re: Chili Cook Off in Sihanoukville

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LaudJohn wrote: Sihanoukville at my resort next summer season.
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