Brooklyn Pizza

Discussions about restaurants, cafes, coffee shops or bars in Cambodia. Feel free to write any reviews you have, whether its the best burger you've had in Phnom Penh or the worse pizza in sihanoukville, we want to read it! Discussions about Khmer dishes are also in here, or you can leave your own. If you own a restaurant, feel free to let the expat community know about it here so that we can come check it out. Found a favorite cafe or have a place we should avoid? Tell us about it. Asian recipes & questions are always welcome.
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Re: Brooklyn Pizza

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StroppyChops wrote:^ do they deliver?
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Re: Brooklyn Pizza

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StroppyChops wrote:I grew up eating Italian and Australian pizza, so I have no point of reference for American pizza. It must be something special.
More of a reason why you dont know pizza. Thats like asking me can you perform brain sugary.

Now Im sure there are maybe 2 places in Australia where the pizza is equal to the worst pizza in NY but I could never take ones point of view from Australias serious. I'm sorry dont take offense.

It comes down to the water in order to make decent pizza his cooks...they tend to fuck up once and awhile but all of his supplies comes from Vietnam and the owner was born and grew up in Syosset so I think he knows what its supposed to taste like. I said something off beat to the counter boy in order to make my pizza...he over heard me and knew exactly what I was talking lingo from NY

It was nice to talk food with someone who knows food. Its like when makin sauce on sunday your supposed use tuttorosso crushed tamatos..."green can only dont be a fucking idiot and buy the blue can" and then Contadina Tomato Paste.

If you like that garbage in s.nville or w.e place..... thats great but thats not pizza.

Im home sick now.
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Re: Brooklyn Pizza

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No offence taken, happy to learn from the masters.
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Re: Brooklyn Pizza

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I can honestly say that the best pizza I've ever had was at the home of an Italian friend back in Oz, cooked in his back yard wood oven. And seriously, if you can't get a really good pizza in a city like Melbourne you just aren't trying hard enough.
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Re: Brooklyn Pizza

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Sir_quality_u_feel: Sorry, but in my opinion Lil Ceasar's is cr*p. Low temp ovens, commercial tasting dough and the sauce tastes like it came out of a can. Just my opinion and I could be wrong as they are still in business.

Best Pizza? Central Hotel (a real little hole in the wall restaurant, long gone, RIP), Sparta, NJ, USA

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