Xmas or No Xmas ?

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Anchor Moy
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Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by Anchor Moy »

Personally, one of the things I really appreciate about Cambodia is that I can avoid Xmas if I want to. At the most it is an excuse to sit around and eat and drink with friends, but I don't really need an excuse for that. :beer3: I am all in favor of no Xmas.

But what about you people with kids, do you tell them about Xmas, get a tree, pretend that Santa is coming down the chimney to fill up the stocking(lol, that's a tough one :) ) etc ?

I always phone up my Khmer family at Xmas if we are not together though, because it's important to them, because they think it's important to me. :roll:

So, for those living in Cambodia, Xmas or no Xmas ?

Oh, and Happy Xmas to you all anyway.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by xandreu »

I can't bear anything to do with Xmas. I had a choice. Move to Cambodia or become Muslim. I chose the former. But even in the few short years I've been here, I've noticed Christmas becoming more and more prominent on a western scale.

I'll have to start practising my Allah Akbar's if this continues.

Oh, and Bah Humbug to the lot of you.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by BR549 »

I walked into Psar Angkor on November 21st and they had a 20 foot Christmas tree with packages and instead of the Khmer music, I dig, carols were playing.
Kind of a shock.
I like to go to Lee frozen foods and buy a New Zealand ribeye and make the traditional meal we ate growing up. I did it in Sihanoukville in 2017..Kampot 2018 and this year I am stuck back in Kansas alone burying my mother.
I have known a lot of Catholics and Christians who went to Midnight Mass ...or had elaborate Birth of Jesus productions complete with animals.
I have Khmer ladies ask me for Christmas presents.
I believe in religous freedom and practice.
I don't see why people would talk about Santa coming to their Buddhist kids.
Christmas...is Christ Mass...celebrating the birth of Christ.
I did not move to Cambodia to be Christian or spread the gospel. I love Buddhist culture.
I just like making a nice roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, twice baked potatoes and nice vegetables once a year.
I guess I will do it in January when I get back.
Merry Christmas.
If it aint yer thing...don't spoil it for others..
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by hanno »

No. Not because I care either way, but both Christmas and New Year's Even have been working days for me for the last 36 years......
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by sigmoid »

No Xmas for me. I don't mind the decorations and events, especially for those who have kids, just don't play the songs we have heard too many times year after year, the ones sung by chipmunks in particular.
Anthony's Weiner
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by Anthony's Weiner »

She is Buddhist, I am Jewish. We save our holiday making for New Year's Eve, this year it will be Hanoi for the Holidays. We have reservations at the Rooftop bar at the Skyline hotel in the old quarter.

Funny thing is Vietnamese also celebrate Tet, Vietnamese new year on January 25th, Jewish new year was Sept 18th and Thai new year doesn t come until April 13th. It's all good.
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Username Taken
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by Username Taken »

I have 3 Khmer/Barang kids, the eldest being 16 yo, we have never had a Xmas tree, and never exchanged gifts. However, we used to enjoy Xmas dinner at Mick and Craigs for many years at Snooky, but haven't been able to do that for a few years now.
Last year I don't think we did anything for Xmas, but tomorrow I'm cooking a roast just for the hell of it. Not a big deal though. It's just another day. (Been more than 20 years since I cooked a roast, so it will be interesting).

Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?

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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by mcam »

Tree is up and presents bought. Xmas will be celebrated in style tomorrow with plenty of drink and a bbq.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by GMJS-CEO »

Yes to Xmas. We didn’t go all out when living in Cambodia, just some decorations and presents but no tree or special meal.

I’m agnostic and wife is Buddhist so we just do it for fun.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by pczz »

Anchor Moy wrote: Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:13 pm At the most it is an excuse to sit around and eat and drink with friends, but I don't really need an excuse for that.
or a more traditional xmas is an excuse to sit around arguing with relatives you despise whilst being bored shitless by the same old movies that get rolled out every year. No thanks.
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