Xmas or No Xmas ?

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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by atst »

No Xmas for me while over here it's quite surreal walking around today not a Xmas thing in site , opens your mind to what we in the west think is so important doesn't even exist to most people.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by Ravensnest »

I get a kick out of hearing Christmas carol in a store here. I don't enjoy them much back home but here I find myself humming them while I'm shopping. What's the best part for me? Not having a hint of guilt for not buying something expensive for the wife. :Yahoo!: Sadly that will end one day when we move.

Merry Christmas All on CEO
Still hunting for opium paraphernalia.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by Doc67 »

It's Christmas morning...
I have a hangover...
and had a row with the missus.

Seems very traditional to me...
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by Terry Fishsauce »

Some miserable bastards about tbf
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by sigmoid »

If you do choose to celebrate Christmas, this is the way to do it:

Colorado man robs bank and throws money to passers-by while shouting 'Merry Christmas', say witnesses

https://news.yahoo.com/colorado-man-rob ... 24173.html
A man with a white beard attempted to bring some festive cheer when he robbed a bank in Colorado and threw fistfuls of cash into the street while yelling "Merry Christmas", witnesses have said.

Police in Colorado Springs said that the "older white male" robbed the Academy Bank at lunchtime on Monday. The suspect, named by police as David Wayne Oliver, 65, allegedly walked into the bank and claimed to have a weapon in his pocket.

Police said the suspect had "threatened the use of a weapon” and left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Witnesses said that he left the bank with the cash but, instead of making a getaway, he allegedly decided to share the loot with passers-by once he was outside.

“He started throwing money out of the bag and then said, ‘Merry Christmas!'” witness Dion Pascale told 11 News.

A witness said that Oliver then walked to a nearby Starbucks, sat down in front of it, and waited to be arrested. "It was almost like he wanted it to happen," Mr Pascale said.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by Queef »

sigmoid wrote: Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:58 pm No Xmas for me. I don't mind the decorations and events, especially for those who have kids, just don't play the songs we have heard too many times year after year, the ones sung by chipmunks in particular.

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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

LOL ^^ great photo
poor bastard

imagine being Donald Trump today -
having to fake all the real human emotions, responses and interactions that normal people demonstrate quite naturally.
playing the most grandiose Santa Claus ever
preaching the sweet words of Jesus
and being God

hard work for any bloke - especially this one
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The Bah Humbug brigade

Post by Freightdog »

Christmas likes-
Getting together with folk that are rarely in the same country at the same time.
My mother’s christmas dinner’s past
My aunt’s Christmas dinner’s
My uncle’s wine selections
Catching up with one or two cousins, especially.
When we were kids, a two hour stroll on the beach, post turkey mauling.
Watching the various younger kids getting absorbed in fun

Frenzied need to buy presents.
Commercial efforts that numb the senses to something unimportant.

I’ve had only 4 of the preferred type of Christmas in the last decade, and worked most of the rest for nearly two.
Today, (which also doubles as my mother’s birthday) I’m in a mediocre hotel in Belgium. Most of my anti-Christmas colleagues have managed to sneak home. They dislike Christmas slightly less than they dislike this years venue.

The highlight of today was a breakfast video call between Stalag Belgium, my mother, and SWMBO/Freightdog JR.
The company credit card may* get abused in the hotel restaurant.
Can’t wait to get home in 3 weeks.

*who am I kidding? It’s getting raped, and the company accountant is going to have a fit.
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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by clutchcargo »

Queef wrote: Wed Dec 25, 2019 12:10 pm

Ex BF put on a bit of weight since splitting up with her :shock:

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Re: Xmas or No Xmas ?

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

Poor sad fucker. Only $3 bill (USD, mostly cash now) in the bank so he's as miserable as the gnarly old drunk who sleeps on the park bench outside his mansion.

Seriously abusive upbringing - intergenerational maniacal media-mogol expectations heaped upon the poor lad for 50 years before he was even born.
He is in a bad way, i actually really feel for the poor scared little boy that is just about all he is these days.
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