Woman Escaped The Cambodian Genocide And Became Cardi B's Personal Nail Artist

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Woman Escaped The Cambodian Genocide And Became Cardi B's Personal Nail Artist

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Jessica L. Yarbrough
dec7th 2019

But people gave me a really hard time there. They’d tell me things like, 'Go back to China,' or would call me 'Jenny from the boat.'"

They managed to escape to a Thai refugee camp, but Bui, her mother, and three of her siblings got separated from the rest of the family and ended up walking back to Cambodia over the course of three months. Toward the end of their journey, her younger brother developed chicken pox and passed away because they didn't have shelter, food, or medical supplies.

Bui put her brainstorm into action and went to work developing her aesthetic. She started out by giving customers one or two bling nails per session, as a complementary feature. But pretty soon, clients wanted every nail decked out in her signature style — and that’s how Jenny Bui became known as the “Queen of Bling.”

“When I finished, Cardi screamed all over the salon. I still have the video posted way back on my Instagram of her screaming, 'Oh my god! You made my day! I’ve never had nails like this in my life!'" Bui shares. Since then, Cardi has been a loyal client.

An appointment with Jenny Bui will cost you — her signature bling-y manicures can run up to $100, depending on the amount of stones and crystals you request. It’s so worth it, though: one manicure can last for a full month (although Cardi B reportedly likes to get hers redone every two weeks).

full https://www.ranker.com/list/jenny-bui-n ... ica-defino
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