When does no more mean no more?

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Re: JustGiving Page for Wive's Nephew

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phuketrichard wrote: Wed Mar 04, 2020 1:48 pm Good thing you have done BUT
I am curious why you state £4,000, surely that wont cover his all treatment needed now and in the future

Regardless, best of luck

on a side note; did u do ur due diligence on justgiving?
https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/0 ... ff-200000/
"Although JustGiving was in the press last year accused of taking a large chunk of charitable donations for themselves, this is actually the ‘basic’ principle of the majority of crowdfunding sites. And in comparison with other sites, their fee is very competitive."

It's no surprise, given the propensity for large charitable organisations to hire big-banging lobbyists to "bring in the bucks". I recall, some time back in the early 2000's, one of my customers buying a cool £250k motor, was a lobbyist for NSPCC. He told me the reality of big charities, and since then, I've chosen closer-to-home and more niche charities to donate to.

While donating to Khmu's cause, I chose to only levy £1 to JustGiving, because that was the lowest I could give. I also did my due diligence, and chose to give them only that "charitable donation", because Khmu's cause was greater to me than their's. It's hardly new news that the crowd-funding sources of money nowadays is not about the funding but the income generated thereof. Nothing is for free in life, nothing!

I prefer to focus on Khmu's notable aim of saving a child from death. Richard, you can sometimes focus on the wrong things. Khmu (surely of all people) knows how much the family needs more than you or I. Khmu is also (I suspect) not a dumbass, given his previous reluctance to engage this avenue of funding, despite my (and other's) protestations.

I don't think that this thread was either the time or the place to raise these websites or your "curiosity", and you have done so in poor taste, to my mind.

Moving forward, I'll continue to focus on the health of Khmu's nephew, the well-being of Khmu's wider family and the good that other generous souls try to participate in whilst helping Kantana and his fight against a horrid disease.
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