When Cambodians want to become teachers

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When Cambodians want to become teachers

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Cambodians who want to become teachers, must first pass their year 12 final exam, then pass another exam, before they can study to become teachers. At least that is in theory.

1. Some students are paying bribes, often several thousand dollars, before sitting the teacher training exam. These students know they will pass even before they sit the exam. Students who sit the exam and dont pay a bribe, often fail, even if they get good results.

A law was passed, making it illegal for anyone to receive a bribe with the year 12 exam. But it seems this law does not apply to the teacher training exam.

2. The teacher training exam is held after students have already started at most other universities. So a student who wants to become a teacher has two options (if they dont have several thousand dollars to give away). They can sit the teacher training exam, and if they fail, waste a year when they are not studying. They can pay for the first semester of another course, and begin studying it. If they pass the teacher training exam, and study to become a teacher, the money the spent for the first semester of the other course is wasted.
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Re: When Cambodians want to become teachers

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While there may still be less-than-satisfactory situations in remote schools, the Ministry of Youth Education and Sports has made it a priority to upgrade the public school system in recent years, with great results. Teacher's salaries have been raised, but very few qualified teachers want to stay teaching in a village on a windswept barren hill in Preah Vihear Province when they could be living much more comfortably in Phnom Penh. This is what has been an eternal problem here, anyone who has moved to the capital and attained a degree or high level of training doesn't want to get posted back to some ass-backwards village in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, with all due respect I think your information is very out-of-date and uninformed.
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