What will Cambodia look like in two decades.

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Re: What will Cambodia look like in two decades.

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Re: What will Cambodia look like in two decades.

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DaveG wrote: Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:29 pm Image
Enjoy the here and now. Nothing lasts forever. :rave:
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Re: What will Cambodia look like in two decades.

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Silence, exile, and cunning.
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Re: What will Cambodia look like in two decades.

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But will the power that be even notice or even care about these recommendations for the future?

After all the ? French made a master plan of growth for Phnom Penh a few years back. The plan provided adequate drainage, prevent traffic gridlock, etc., avoid all the problems happening now.

The result? Sitting on some administrator’s shelf somewhere still collecting dust from the day it was given to the Cambodian government.
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Re: What will Cambodia look like in two decades.

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maybe I am an optimist but I have hope for Cambodi. One of the things holding it back is the small population, but wherever you look these days there are babies. As the population grows, the market grows and it becomes more sensible to make things in cambodia than import them, especially if global warming put the bite on moveing finished articles about. It could well become cheaper and easier to move raw materials and build at the market. Imagine cambodia with 40 or 50 milion people. Now its worth building vehicles, fridges and tv's here. of course its not all good news. have to house those people and provide water and food so the environment will suffer. Somwthing like a cross between thailand and vietnam
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