Weed in Cambodia

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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by StroppyChops »

No, a lot biased, but raises questions...
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by franzjaeger »

"abnormal |abˈnôrməl|
deviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable or worrying : the illness is recognizable from the patient's abnormal behavior."

Abnormal, that's a strong word to use. Brain scanners are a recent invention, we hardly know anything about the human brain and how it likes to function, as they were invented in the 80's and most studies are based on assumption as opposed to verifiable fact.

At the same time chemical anti depressants which are legal all over the world are causing babies to be born without a brain in some cases and for some people to go berserk after so called 'treatment'

I'd say they should use a less strong and biased vocabulary when speaking about a plant that has been used for millennia. What do they really know about what is really normal vs. abnormal in a human brain, not much dare I say.
Anchor Moy
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by Anchor Moy »

Perhaps they're not smoking enough...that seems a bit reasonable for 18-25 year olds... ;)
The 20 people in the "marijuana group" of the study smoked four times a week on average; seven only smoked once a week.
StroppyChops wrote:No, a lot biased, but raises questions...
Seriously, of course, it raises questions - ideally young people should be getting such a kick out of life that they don't need to take any kind of drugs - however, in reality(and in my own experience), most kids will take something - mostly whatever they can get hold of the easiest. So, IMO, the alternatives here are not between ganja and clean-living, but between smoking or getting wrecked in other ways that are potientally more harmful.

Also, if the results on the brain are lasting, a lot of us have been brain-dead for years,but never even realised it :facepalm: damn, I feel so stupid...
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frank lee bent
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by frank lee bent »

there is no doubt that what we do, experience, read or ingest alters the structure of our brain.
it is interesting to note that everyone has cannabinoid receptors.
i haven't enough science or research to really develop an opinion, but many argue that the presence of these receptors is evidence of a long evolutionary association with this plant.
there is so much bias on both sides of the question in academe- much of it paid for by the pharma lobby, that plain discrimination of logic breaks down.
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by Username Taken »

Username Taken wrote:
Rama wrote:
Username Taken wrote:@Rama, and others who want to practice their Khmer reading skills,

Read the bottom of the outside menus at Happy Herbs or Pink Elephant.

From memory, it says something along the lines of 'some of the ingredients can get you intoxicated'.

I've been to Pink Elephant many times over the years and read their menu often.... Can't remember reading that!! Not that it may not be there, it may be, but I've forgotten! LOL!
Small Khmer script at the bottom of the outside wall menus. :thumb:
Riverside today, I noticed banners hanging from the street light posts (on the shops side of the road), the one I read was hanging on the post between Happy Herbs and Pink Elephant, written in Khmer it basically says "If you eat happy pizza, don't drive". A community service announcement sponsored by several NGOs.

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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by Lou Snickers »

From the article on the Harvard study:
Their plan now is to conduct a bigger study that not only looks at the brain abnormalities, but also relates them to functional outcomes. That would be a major and important step in this science because, as of now, the research indicates that marijuana use may cause alterations to the brain, but it's unclear what that might actually mean for users and their brains.
So what's the chances they find these "abnormalities" cause super powers?

This study appears to have a better methodology (more controls, chronic users) and larger sample set - http://www.iflscience.com/brain/chronic ... in-changes

Smaller brains but many more connections they say.

Of course it's possible with both studies that people who choose to reject authority and choose a non-approved drug had a different type of brain to start with.
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by taabarang »

Abnormal or not, all my fellow primates have a tendency to repeat a pleasurable experience.
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by Mr Curious »

i don't see how bein stoned would make Khmers drive any worse.
Might actually be better.
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by phuketrichard »

well if u cant yet get it in Cambodia (although i never had any trouble buying an theres some nice hydroponic shit down in shv) perhaps in the the future China will export it there
China’s Marijuana Surprise
Despite a long anti-drug crusade, Beijing is positioned to be a major player in the cannabis market.
An economic stir is happening in China, but it’s in an industry you might not expect. With more than half of the 600 relevant patents filed with the World Intellectual Property Office now owned by Chinese companies, the country is well positioned to dominate the global cannabis market. Which is very surprising for a nation where drug trafficking is still punishable by death and mere possession of the substance can result in a lengthy spell behind bars.
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http://thediplomat.com/2014/11/chinas-m ... ign=buffer
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Re: Weed in Cambodia

Post by Kampong Spooner »

I know a guy with some shit that made 3 pro-tokers stop dead in their tracks the other day.

1 had to go home,
1 went outside and collapsed on a bench
1 sat staring at her palms and turned a whiter shade of pale.

I ate 2 burgers, a hotdog, extra potato salad and dribbled.

Just say no!
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