Translation devices ... not yet ready for Cambodia

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Translation devices ... not yet ready for Cambodia

Post by newkidontheblock »

Bought translator devices during the Amazon Black Friday sale this year.

Unlike previous generations of devices, it’s not keyboard based, type the word system. This new generation are speech based and photo based translations. The person speaks the target language, and the translation comes back as English - both written and spoken - and vice verse. Also can take a photo and the same magic occurs. Not tied to a cell phone only require a WiFi connection. (Or shared hotspot).


Gave one to my parents. Perfect translation from Chinese to English and vice versa. Speaks both English and Chinese. Photo perfect translation as well.

Brought the one that included ‘Khmer’ to Cambodia.

Verdict? Google translate any Cambodian news website. There is general ballpark, off, and way off translations. Same with the translator. Generally way off.

Here’s a smattering of results.


The underlying technology needs more Khmer input for fine tuning. Bound to improve.
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Re: Translation devices ... not yet ready for Cambodia

Post by Spigzy »

Hot off the Google Translate blocks today, this little beauty ...

ម្ចាស់ស្លុតឡើងសន្លប់! ឆ្លងចរន្តអគ្គិសនី ផ្ទះមួយខ្នងត្រូវអគ្គិភ័យលេបត្របាក់គ្មានសល់
The owner of the slut is unconscious! One house was caught in the power outage
(edit: option 2 on Google Translate is simply: "Slut in a coma!")

If anyone can awaken the owner of the slut, the competent authorities will surely be appreciative!!

(edit: actual translation should be something like "Owner feints with shock")
Meum est propositum in taberna mori,
ut sint Guinness proxima morientis ori.
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