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Re: Tips for mosquito bites

Post by OrangeDragon »

Tim Linkinwater wrote:
OrangeDragon wrote:
Tim Linkinwater wrote:What a brilliant thing.
I can't see the clip for some reason, so have to imagine what it's like. You could stick it round/over a fish farm: free feed as well as the pleasure of watching the bastards die.

To bad their being tight with the design specs/software and letting the project stagnate.

I would like to make a port of it that would run on old android phones, then there would be a use for them after they're "obsolete" that could really do some good. Low power consumption, decent processing capability, IO port... everything you need for a "core" of one of those units.
You have the cut of an evil genius, young fella m' lad. I'd be very interested in this....lemme know if you get any further with info. I can see a whole aquaponics set up with this at the head.

One little thing (don't want to pull the thread off topic). How come I can't watch clips on this site? They just show as sort of washed-out white.
no idea, most people can see them. likely an issue with your browser/etc. it should have the direct youtube link under it as a backup.
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