To the Doubters from Mish - Battle Camp Charlie Platoon lecture

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Re: To the Doubters from Mish - Battle Camp Charlie Platoon lecture

Post by clutchcargo »

Brody wrote: Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:22 pm
BR549 wrote: Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:45 pm At least this thread is about this subject and not in the middle of a lady being capped by a jealous fiance.
It's the nature of discussions to meander a bit, occasionally. Quit being such a hard-ass.

I don't see anyone pitching much of a bitch when you daftly shoe-horn Trump comments into 99% of your specious posts.

Anyway, use the "report post" function, there's a drop down menu and you can select your specific gripe. That way a mod can have a look and see if it is really detracting or if it's just more of your tired horse-shit whinging. :thumb:
You are right of course in your post above @BR549 and so is Brody too (albeit he could've delivered with a tad more diplomacy :mrgreen: ). Yeah, discussions can meander and on that death thread..I agree not strictly appropriate but I'm sure there was no intentional malice to derail...rather, and like Stern replied eloquently on that thread..sometimes these sad, tragic topics can lead to that...but it's back on topic now.

Personally, I find a lot of the negative news here quite depressing and before I became a mod I could ignore such topics. But I have no choice now but to get into some of them and each to their own but my way of dealing with it is to focus on the positive stuff (eg like mishmash's daughter baking her first cake), the ridiculous on the 'Oh you internet' topic, the 'Cute girls' topic in Darknet, getting into a bit of banter on some topics (within limits) or indeed, I like to start obscure topics in the Asinine section. And the royal gossip about Prince Harry of course hehe. That's my way of balancing things FWIW.

I did see that a 1 or 2 members commented on a couple of your posts about embedding US content on otherwise Cambodian related topics. I suspect that therefore when you saw the off topic discussion on the girl's death topic it must have looked like a double standard..totally get that.

Brody is right in that the best way to deal with such issues is to report it rather than attempt to deal with it individually via posting. That gives us mods a heads up to focus and deal with that ahead of all the other issues going on the forum. And often we can deal with it earlier rather than later when a discussion gets off track. It's a hard balance tho...if we come in too early, members think of censorship/sanitising...if we come in too late, we're seen as not doing our jobs. And sometimes we don't necessarily agree with the report. It's a judgement call often in that regard. And I might add not all mod decisions are necessarily made in isolation...we often discuss issues on the mod forum amongst ourselves before acting.

Anyway at the risk of getting too much off topic, I hope OP doesn't mind too much but this seemed a good place to mention..
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Re: To the Doubters from Mish - Battle Camp Charlie Platoon lecture

Post by Mishmash »

@clutchcargo Putin Approves!

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