A tale of 2 Burger Kings.

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Re: A tale of 2 Burger Kings.

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pistolsrule wrote:
EdinWigan wrote:
OrangeDragon wrote:but it's not like the use of these ingredients is kept secret... meaning people who still choose to eat it accept responsibility for their consumption, and the results of it.
but Mr Donalds hold two records simultaneously, worst burger and best marketing
Thank you for that...shite - pure shite all the fast food crap...wake up peeps - it's your own body you're fucking with...

Or to para-phrase that - It is not very nice and fresh is much better

Seriously, EVERYTHING goes through the power press, to become a 'Meat Mush' and that means EVERYTHING, the Ears, the Lips, the Hoofs and Yes ! the Arse Hole. I understand it is referred to as 'Pink Slime' So when they say 100% beef, do not be thinking nice ground beef, think arse hole, just think !

http://www.care2.com/greenliving/disgus ... rgers.html

That link seems pretty balanced

Do not get me wrong, I am far from a veggie but come on, if they really think it is OK to serve us this, lets see them put it on the menu, yeah ! maybe not, :assasin:

While your on that site, check out the Chicken Nuggets :please:

Now do you really think it is totally the parents choice, Mr D ?

Lets now think about their, second to non marketing campaigns, wow! World Class. They are top of their game there.
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