A Sorcerer, an Inspector,a Trash Fire, and Social Media

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A Sorcerer, an Inspector,a Trash Fire, and Social Media

Post by CEOCambodiaNews » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:59 am

Phnom Penh, Cambodia News: A 50-year-old sorcerer, Nop Kakada (called Krou Pes Krou Angkeam) is accused of insulting an inspector on social media. The complainant was identified as Lim Sereysorporn, a 45-year-old deputy inspector in Khan Russey Keo, and he has requested $20,000 compensation from his neighbor, the sorcerer.

According to the deputy inspector, at 9am on December 03, 2018, his brother-in-law, Lim Phareth, who's a motorbike parking attendant at CTN, was burning a bundle of parking tickets in front of his house (to dispose of them securely).
As the parking lot attendant was burning the tickets next door to the sorcerer, one of the magician's helpers ran out on to the street and put the fire out, and they collected up the remains of the tickets and removed them.
Then, at the sorcerer's house, they started to broadcast a live video on social media, saying "the deputy inspector Lim Sereysorporn burns his trash on the public street, creating a nuisance for his neighbors", and warning people not to act like this.
The complainant has requested $20,000 compensation, because the sorcerer insulted him on social media, giving him a bad name, affecting his job and his reputation.
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Re: A Sorcerer, an Inspector,a Trash Fire, and Social Media

Post by Duncan » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:30 am

giving him a bad name, affecting his job and his reputation.

He is certainly going to end up with that if he upsets the sorcerer.
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