Scammer Steve in Cambodia

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Re: Scammer Steve in Cambodia

Post by darayd »

Wow I'm pretty sure I was scammed out a few dollars from him the first time I came to Cambodia in 2012 in Sihanoukville, always remembered it because seemed obvious after. Fell for the story that he was stuck in sihanoukville after being robbed of passport and money and needed to get to PP for the embassy, said that no one would help him because he looked khmer... Obviously not that he was scamming everyone.
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Re: Scammer Steve in Cambodia

Post by Soyoung123 »

Spotted today on the River in Siem Reap talking to unsuspecting tourists. Looks the exact same.
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Re: Steve the Grifter

Post by Doc67 »

Rain Dog wrote: Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:20 am
StroppyChops wrote:Is Steve (name could be wrong) the Grifter a negro Khmerican guy, thirties, wiry, furtive, around 5'8"? Just tried the SR sob story on us in suburban TTP. While he was trying it on with me, staff from Sesame noodle bar were letting Mrs Stroppy know he's on the con. The classic move was telling us not to trust the tuktuk driver I was speaking to, a personal contact of mine, as 'they're all dodge'.
My own Steve the Scammer story below. Also last week I was approached by one of the Filipino Card Game Scammers -- "Hello, I LOVE your glasses where you buy them .... wait -- i want to ask you something" as I blew past him.

A few months ago, I was approached by a young man (Mid Late 20s) of Asian descent but with a distinctly American accent --- with a bit of the "Gangsta" edge that you hear some young Young Asian Americans use. He claimed to be from Laos but raised in the states. His story was something along the lines of --- visiting Cambodia for first time to visit friend but friend not arrive PP until Monday. Lost passport, wallet blah blah blah --- wants to go to USA embassy but it's Friday night so he has to wait until Monday. No money for room to sleep blah blah blah --- Food to eat blah blah blah ..... but what was unusual was that he specifically mentioned that he had gone to Cadillac for help (mentioned the owner by name) who in turned sent him to California 2 (Where he also mentioned the owner by name) as it was an American owned place with rooms. He said the owner would not help him because he had just been stiffed by another guest.

I sent him on his way --- actually I suggested if he had no room to sleep in he could go to Pontoon and dance the hours away; but he did not seem terribly receptive :shock:

If it was a scam, it was a well researched one.

It's too bad == I might help people == but there is no way I give $$$ to anyone on Riverside no matter how "good" the story might be. Scammers ruin good will for everyone.
Also last week I was approached by one of the Filipino Card Game Scammers -- "Hello, I LOVE your glasses where you buy them .... wait -- i want to ask you something"

So that's what that bullshit is all about. I have been approached at least twice. I just say "in England" and walk right past. Next time I will say I won them in a card game with some Filipinos!
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Re: Scammer Steve in Cambodia

Post by jd1965 »

Well well, Steve eh?
Met him years ago at my bar. Went under the name Billy back then. Never hurt me or any of my patrons in any shape or form. In fact, was quite generous, buying people drinks and stuff. Must have been flush back then. But yeah, there was always something sus about him.
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