SAM RAINSY to Return to Cambodia July 19!

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Re: SAM RAINSY to Return to Cambodia July 19!

Post by JBTrain »

Ou Virak posted this a few minutes ago. He's in touch with reality.

"Sorry to be blunt: the conspiracy theories by some politicians regarding the Khmer Rouge, Toul Sleng and the Koh Pich bridge tragedy is just very irresponsible, dangerous and has no bases. Stop this! Many supporters are calling the other "youns", "youn-slaves", "khmer body but youn heads". It is time we, as Khmers, take responsibility. The current government is very corrupt, outright dictatorial. Many crackdowns are outright brutal. But hate and anger alone is not an alternative policy. I have received multiple death threats before because of my comments on this. The opposition could have step up their game, denounce the death threats (by their supporters or others), denounce racism and then come up with a very strong immigration policy or policy on how they would deal with Vietnam. They didn't. The opposition could be far better than this. And given how out of touch this government is, change could be coming and for the right reasons."
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Re: SAM RAINSY to Return to Cambodia July 19!

Post by dagenham »

flying chicken wrote:
JBTrain wrote:
flying chicken wrote:The Chinese are in it for economic reason. The VN influence on the other hand affects the living of millions of poor Khmer in this country, read: Svay rieng, Phom penh, Kampot, Siem Reap...and its just on keeping expanding. Most of big decisions, the Khmer lapdogs need to consult their VN master for approval.

I don't follow much on the politics of CNRP, but IMO, it is the only alternative people can turn to to get their voice heard.
You think the economy would improve if Kem Sokha had his way and all the Yuon were deported (which was his pre-CNRP position)? Markets, fishing, construction, rubber, skilled trades? Personally I think not. Vietnamese have been crucial to the Cambodian economy since the 1880s.
Are you fucking with me JB? I dont know about the economy in the 1880s, but in the contemporary and recent past Cambodia the VN has taken a lot of Cambodian natural resources and occupied the prime lands too from the sellout Khmers. Cambodia to the eyes of the VN govt is a camp for the poor and opportunists to migrate to seek better opportunities.

Cambodia is trapped by an Asian giant and a cunning neighbor. If she is not going to be break free, internal war will be inevitable.

In term of Kem Sokha, SR the CNRP, were they were to deport the Vietnamese; there will be protest as there are friendships bonded among honest individuals. And most Khmers expressed they have no problem having the numerous number of legal VN living in this country; but the illegal ones need to return back. As of current, the legals and illegals can cross borders with impunity.
So I take it you don't like pho? I agree that VN is the single and only root of all of Cambodia's problems - currently and historically. Every VN I ever knew in SGN or HAN was thinking of ways to steal and trick Cambodia out of their natural resources. It's all they ever thought about or discussed whilst drinking coffee. It's amazing but true.
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Re: SAM RAINSY to Return to Cambodia July 19!

Post by StroppyChops »

Slightly OT but related, I was out shopping for a motorbike just near the railway station and found myself stranded in the Rainsy parade. I test rode a Baja 650 around the block, only to have the parade police refuse to allow me to return the bike to the shop. I pointed at the shop and kept saying "there, bong, there" until he got the point, and then he just turned his back on me to allow me to 'sneak' a very loud 650 behind him and sidle past, no loss of face. My riding buddy (you're a gentleman, Jack) and I then had to cross through the parade and gridlock it has caused, lots of fun. Yes, there's video, but what's been shown online is much better quality. There was a moment of sirens and drama at which I nearly fouled my britches, but it was peaceful at that time of the day.
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Re: SAM RAINSY to Return to Cambodia July 19!

Post by General Mackevili »

Yay! Everyone is getting out of jail!

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