Retiring to Cambodia

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Re: Retiring to Cambodia

Post by EusebieGherman »

SternAAlbifrons wrote: Fri Feb 28, 2020 2:00 am Happy to help all you US refugees (ps, 'commiserations. i understand)
$1200 bucks will allow you to live long term in Cambodia if you like the "mud hut" lifestyle.
But don't ever get sick or have an emergency, 'not much left over for that.
There are lots of quiet places, some are really nice, all are hard-core hard living.
AA /NA is what you make it.

Don't bring your dogs - it would be cruel. (i rarely say "don't do" to people, but I will with this one)

ps, AA/NA is not for me on an ongoing basis, but they did save my life decades ago, and many many others.
but some of the stories above ^^^ are quite true.

I love this one, confirmed to me by the regional head of this UN organisation some years later. (he used to regularly pass thru my cambodian home town).

Until about mid-2000's you saw a small classified ad in the Cambodia Daily every second edition.
"NA meeting, UN Office of Drugs and Crime conference room, every Tues and Thurs etc"
Then they suddenly moved to a new location before fading.
Apparently all the high end UN conference room antique chairs disappeared during one of the meetings.
belly chuckle
(maybe one or two of our long term members could fill us in on the details???)
That is a good one. In the rooms, I have often heard it said that some members stole their first Big Book, then returned it in Step 9.
In early sobriety, when I had decided that AA was not for me, my sponsor called and asked if I "would be going to the meeting tonight." I told him, well I am very busy at work" (funny how I became gainfully employed after getting sober) and that "those idiots in the meetings drive me crazy." So he said to me, "Yeah, AA is not exactly a hot bed of mental health. So, you coming to the meeting tonight?" I got the message, and am grateful for that. After 19 years, AA is still not for me, and the idiots in the meeting still drive me crazy and I still stay close to AA. That's probably just me tho....
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Re: Retiring to Cambodia

Post by johnny lightning »

Wow. Maybe a new record. 2 whole posts before being derailed. Well done everyone!

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Re: Retiring to Cambodia

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

If you like the water Eu, and the quiet - have a look around Koh Kong.
It might just suit you.
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Re: Retiring to Cambodia

Post by Thorix »

pczz wrote: Fri Feb 28, 2020 3:34 am Slightly off topic but I haven't been to kampot for a lng time, mainly because it was more POT than kam and I got fed up with getting everyone elses munchies. is it no longer the haunt of jumkies and alcoholics?
I have been there 1 week ago and still is POT, alcohol, enlightened leftovers from India and oucasted bon vivants from Thailand. I went for the KAM too, but this was what I found instead. Moreover, Chinese developments are in full swing: Casinos, high buildings, Chinese-only shops... Sadly, that once lovely sleeping hippy hideout will soon become another Chinese brothel, or so it seems.
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Re: Retiring to Cambodia

Post by lagrange »

I wonder...did the OP ever end up here? If so, where are you now Jerry, and how is life?
"They say that those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown." (V. Putin)
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