It rained this morning in Phnom Penh

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It rained this morning in Phnom Penh

Post by xandreu »

Anyone else notice it or just me?

The reason why it's worth making a post about is the rarity of it. I've lived here for about 5 years now, and I've never known a time when there was such little rain.

About a year ago I started to notice that it hadn't rained in a while, but I put it down to it being the dry season, even though I don't really know when dry season actually is. Months passed and still no rain. I remember never remembering such a long, dry spell between rains, regardless of the season. I started to bring it up in casual conversation. Some seemed alarmed by it. Most hadn't even noticed.

Then it did rain. The heavens opened and I (and I assume everyone else) rejoiced in a bit of long awaited, heavy precipitation. It seemed as though everything was ok after all.

But since then, which feels like months ago, it hasn't rained one single drop until this morning.

There has been a distinct feel to the air in Phnom Penh all day today that says "It rained last night. Make the most of it coz it aint raining no more".

Would I be over-reacting if I said I'm a little concerned about the huge lack of rainfall over Phnom Penh this last year? I normally wait for others to make an issue over it but no-one else seems to be.
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John Bingham
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Re: It rained this morning in Phnom Penh

Post by John Bingham »

It did seem like it hadn't rained for months and I was surprised to be woken up at the sound of heavy rain this morning at about 3 AM. It's a cool 24° or so outside this evening.
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Re: It rained this morning in Phnom Penh

Post by pczz »

I think it may be another elninio year. they seem to be getting more frequent and it alwaysl eads to drought
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Re: It rained this morning in Phnom Penh

Post by timmydownawell »

Yeah I don't think it's rained since mid November, so that heavy downpour was quite a surprise. Woke me up! Definitely a drier than usual dry season until now.
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Re: It rained this morning in Phnom Penh

Post by atst »

Yesterday was the coldest I've ever felt since being here , lovely cold brease while riding the motor bike
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Re: It rained this morning in Phnom Penh

Post by fsdfdsdf »

Im not sure about the rain but, as Ive posted in other threads, the river being lower then ever recorded at this time of year is probably cause for concern
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