Police Send Hand Grenade Lighter to the Bomb Specialists

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Police Send Hand Grenade Lighter to the Bomb Specialists

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This seems to occur every few months or so. Interesting that, in this instance, the police didn't spot it was a lighter, which means that either it's a very good copy, or that the police in Kampong Chhnang are not very clued up.

Cambodia News (Kampong Chnang): On January 19, 2020, at 10 am, some local people were scared when they saw two or three kids playing with what looked like a hand grenade, in Sre Pring village, Kampong Chnang city. The bomb was taken to the police station, and the police sent it to the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) team to be inspected.

On January 20, after the examination, the CMAC team concluded that the object wasn't a bomb at all; it was just a lighter.
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Re: Police Send Hand Grenade Lighter to the Bomb Specialists

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Yeah.... But they didn't find the kid's best secret stash though!!!

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Re: Police Send Hand Grenade Lighter to the Bomb Specialists

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