Police in Poipet Search for Acid Attacker (Victim Silent)

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Re: Police in Poipet Search for Acid Attacker (Victim Silent

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khmerinade wrote:
Digg3r wrote:
StroppyChops wrote:I'd have no issues with lining them up along the wall, but only after they'd worked off the medical bills and compensation to the victim. In fact if you did the 'nine blanks, one bullet' squad I reckon I'd even participate. Acid bombing is one of the most animalistic acts a 'human' can deliberately do to another, and the outcome is fully intended.
So your good Christian self would happily participate in murder?

As for 9 blanks? Not so sure about that. In Utah where they still have the firing squad option there are five shooters. Four live rounds and one blank.

Execution is still murder and being state sanctioned doesn't make it right it actually makes it worse as the laws (and punishments) should reflect the society we strive for i.e. humane.
an eye for an eye no?

You are right. It would be wrong to murder them. That would be too easy. Just pour acid on the perpetrator and let them suffer for the rest of their lives as the victims of acid attacks do..

In your opinion, digg, what is the proper punishment?
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