One less rude Khmer butting in line...

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Re: One less rude Khmer butting in line...

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takeoman wrote:Outside of Phnom Penh, and the few other places with a large foreign presence, queues are unheard of. If you ever visit the market in Takeo Town you could well end up gathering moss if you stand politely waiting to be served. :hattip:
Yes, I'm sure this is true - yet some of us are hoping that Cambodia will move away from the stone age. It's as though they take their driving attitude/etiquette with them, and this, in my opinion, is a window into the utter contempt that some folk here seem to have for their fellow countrymen or foreigners alike.

Occasionally I go to the money laundry building and I notice that they have a ticketed queueing system, it seems dreadfully slow but I've never seen any pushy bong thoms try to queue jump. Seen a few quite confused by the system mind you.

I do find it a bit embarrassing when I go to pay my power bill at Wat Phnom or pay the water bill near the big laundry and the staff call me up to the counter, ignoring the Khmer customers. In fact, I've apologised to a few folk who were put on hold.
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