“My Partner”

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Re: “My Partner”

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I am not sure where this thread is going but it seems to a nice place, so, hey ho!

To say like or hate about people from a country, well that would be against my way of thinking. However,

Americans, as individuals, really nice in my experience, as collective groups, also really nice, just a bigger BBQ. Some leaders, mmm another story. Not every person, in every nation, aspires to emulate 'The USA Way'. Not that there is anything wrong with it on 'Home Soil' but you can't automatically transfer that life style to other countries. i.e Wigan: No one want a BBQ in the rain !

Canadians - Well, I just loved the place, the people, just everything but I think I was heavily influenced by 'Trees' by Rush:

It really reminds me how much us Brits can be a little big for our own boots and sometimes forget we are a small island.

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Re: “My Partner”

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OrangeDragon wrote:I just call mine "the missus".
That's a nice elocution.
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"Kafka is 'outdone' in our country, the new fatherland of Angkor" - Norodom Sihanouk
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