New scam from the cops?

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New scam from the cops?

Post by joelightcloud »

I was visited today by 3 gentlemen who pulled up in a nice new police SUV, two local police and one military saying I needed to buy a fire extinguisher and showed me photographs of different types of extinguishers.

I said I didn't need one, they said your neighbor cooperated with us I said that was nice but I still didn't need one. I closed the gate, they said they would be back. I said ok then.

New 'scam'?
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Re: New scam from the cops?

Post by Captain Bonez »

Old scam
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Re: New scam from the cops?

Post by Username Taken »

What he ^^^ said.
Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
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Re: New scam from the cops?

Post by mcam »

They came around our borey before Xmas. A house had a massive fire in the borey near us so after that they came knocking on everyones door asking if we wanted to buy one.
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Re: New scam from the cops?

Post by pczz »

You have to have a fire extinguisher if you are a business or you rent rooms to non family members. you do not have to buy them from the polce, there are approved ones available on the open market. For my own safety, given the number rof electrical fires in this country, i like to have one in my room that can deal with electrical fire
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