Naww - an unbiased commentary on climate change

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Naww - an unbiased commentary on climate change

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Rupert Murdoch (oh, Rupert, why do you do these things?) made some seemingly silly comments about climate change recently.

Here's the ABC's (Australia, not everything is about the US okay?) Fact Check response, and very surprisingly it seems to be a very balanced commentary. It should be noted that the ABC is in direct competition with Murdoch-owned News Corp. Some food for thought and further discussion, at least...
Fact check: Rupert Murdoch misleading on North and South Poles
Updated 12 Aug 2014, 12:06pmTue 12 Aug 2014, 12:06pm

Australia should approach climate change with great scepticism, News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch says.

In a recent interview with Paul Kelly from The Australian newspaper, Mr Murdoch said climate change has been happening for as long as the planet has been here, and "there will always be a little bit of it".

To illustrate his point, he said: "At the moment the North Pole is melting a bit, but the South Pole is getting bigger".

ABC Fact Check investigates what is happening in the two polar regions.

The claim: Rupert Murdoch says the North Pole is melting "a bit" but the South Pole is getting bigger.
The verdict: Antarctic sea ice is increasing, but the Antarctic ice sheet is decreasing. In the Arctic, both sea ice and the Greenland ice sheet are decreasing significantly.
Ice in the Arctic and Antarctica

Fact Check assumes when Mr Murdoch says the North and South Pole he is referring to ice in the Arctic and Antarctica.

An expert in Antarctica, Dr Guy Williams from the University of Tasmania, says when making comparisons between the North and South Poles the single most important thing to consider is that the Arctic is an ocean, while Antarctica is a continent. The nearest land mass to the Arctic Ocean is Greenland.

Both polar regions contain two types of ice - ice sheets and sea ice.

An ice sheet is a mass of glacial land ice. It forms in areas where winter snow does not melt entirely over summer.

See URL for the rest of the article: ... es/5604656
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