Naughty Nigel Dies in Bangkok

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Naughty Nigel Dies in Bangkok

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The infamous legend, Naughty Nigel, has checked out.

He spent time in Cambodia. Did anyone know him?

Naughty Nigel, or Notorious Nigel as he preferred to be called, passed away on Monday this past week in Bangkok. Nigel featured in sex clips - not full blown movies - and had unprotected sex with hundreds of girls and many transsexuals too.

Needless to say, many rumours circulated about the medical condition Nigel was afflicted with, but it was malignant melanoma, or in layman's terms, skin cancer which gave him a red card. Nigel had sought alternative treatment but it was unsuccessful and he finally checked out this past Monday. The infamous Englishman has been in and out of Bangkok since the '90s and became one of the most recognisable farangs in South-East Asia as the farang porn star who featured in hundreds of clips with working girls from across South-East Asia. There was a time when Nigel was all over the Internet and he was frequently seen around Bangkok's bar areas. He moved around the region, making porn movies in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and quite possibly elsewhere. On the forums of the day posters would often comment on the girls he did the dirty with, some getting some warped pleasure from saying that they had shared some of the girls Nigel had bedded. As he became better known, Nigel would find himself unwelcome in many Nana Plaza bars. Managers put the word out to door security to keep him out while mamasans were instructed to tell the girls to steer clear of him. I hadn't spotted him around the traps for several years, but occasionally I would hear reports that he was seen here or there. For some time he was said to live in Soi Sribumphen where he was often seen, a neighbourhood known for cheap accommodation, junkies and street walkers. Nigel lived on the fringes of society, was a drug dealer for a period and at one time was involved in transnational credit card fraud. Several years ago he was stabbed in the slums of Klong Toey, a huge scar later visible on his stomach. He had a business card that simply read: Notorious Nigel, listed his phone number and a last line that read: Fuck Off Man U. Like him or loathe him, Naughty Nigel was a Bangkok legend. link to continue reading... ... an-column/
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