Mother Looking for Missing Expat Son in Siem Reap

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Re: Mother Looking for Missing Expat Son in Siem Reap

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From outside of Cambodia, it often seems weird to lose contact with loved-ones, but sometimes it just means that: the phone networks are out of order - lost phone charger- phone fell in the dunny or punchbowl. (This did happen to someone I know.)
Anyway, happy end...
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Re: Mother Looking for Missing Expat Son in Siem Reap

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I take back what I said in a previous thread I don't forgive FC, geez get a room you two...

Anyway glad to hear he's been located. Strange thing is I can go a week without contact with my family back home and no one is too concerned. Two weeks would be about the limit I think. But from little I've gathered from the posts seems he's had a rough spot here in the country of wonder. Best to keeps tabs on him.
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