A Modest Proposal – 1

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Re: A Modest Proposal – 1

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Mrs Stroppy wrote:I would actually like to run a soup kitchen here but I haven't quite wrapped my head around some of the bigger issues and logistics. I'm also aware that I've not been in PP for very long.
Then maybe you should open a soup kitchen in one of those locations 30 km outside the city where the homeless (who previously lived in Phnom Penh before being rounded up and trucked away by the government) have had to set up blue-tarp shanty towns. They would most probably appreciate the shower idea too. I doubt they get near enough potable water out there.
Mrs Stroppy
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Re: A Modest Proposal – 1

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That's a great idea
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Re: A Modest Proposal – 1

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You want a Sunday sermon mr and mrs Stroppy. Your Sunday Sermon is given. Amen.
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Re: A Modest Proposal – 1

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flying chicken wrote:You want a Sunday sermon mr and mrs Stroppy. Your Sunday Sermon is given. Amen.
Firstly, Aerial Poultry you are the only one, ironically enough, to see SC for what he is doing here, both in Cambodia and on the forum. Kudos to you - Oh Feathered One. From reading your posts - you're friggin' crazy/fried on some substance, maybe not drugs, but maybe lots of MSG perhaps?

From your highly entertaning story:
"Anyway, my primary jobs since then as a Communication Offer were to help load up their ‘going out’ photos in Madrid, the Netherlands and a few other European countries from their paid for Samsung Galaxy Note book onto their $1,500 paid for desktops and $1000 laptops. I received calls in the middle of the night from the landlord where, I again found the place and the best deal in town because of them and driving in NGO’s plate."

I'm assuming that when you wrote "Communication Offer [sic]" you meant "Communications Officer"...a perfectly wonderful time for a misspelling - indeed! So...in what language exactly? Swahili? Bulgarian? Icelandic? Really...now - your "communicating", while extremely funny at times, is...how to put this delicately?...somewhat confusing/obtuse/scattered/unfocused/incomplete/nonsensical...anyway you get my drift...someone paid you $$ to "Communicate" in English? Is that right?
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Re: A Modest Proposal – 1

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Another side to APLE?

A little research into one of the founders. Thierry Dardaunet, reveals some big concerns.
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