Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

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Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by CEOCambodiaNews »

Cambodia News (Kampong Speu): On January 26, 2020,Sim Sokjin set fire to his motorbike( a Honda Dream 2018) and totally destroyed it, in Tropeang Kyong district, Kampong Speu.
The tantrum-throwing toddler, who is (believe it or not) actually 21 years of age, was upset with his mother, because she refused to give him 10,000 riel to go hang out with his friends. So then he threw a hissy fit and burnt his motorbike to the ground.
Now, the fool has no motorbike, and still doesn't have 10,000 riel.
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by DaveG »

That will teach her ...Lol :P
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by fazur »

21? Months?
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Jerry Atrick
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by Jerry Atrick »

I hope poor mum didn't also buy this dickhead the bike to begin with. . .
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by xandreu »

Seems to follow the common Khmer theme of taking the most drastic action possible in any given situation which you can convert into an injustice against you.

He may not have got his 10,000 Riel, and he may have burned his practically-still-new motorbike to the ground, but boy does his mother know how much she upset him.

I feel sorry for the bus driver when his mother refuses to give him his bus fare. now that he no longer has a motorbike.
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Sir Duncan
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by Duncan »

You all have missed the bit where he wanted the money to go hang out with his friends .They have motorbikes and the skills to steal them.
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by Fourkinnel »

And the moto probably bought on a loan that he or his poor mother still have to pay for the next 3 years. But wins the title Bellend of the village!
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by Mishmash »

Anthony's Weiner
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Re: Man-Boy Burns His Moto to Spite his Mum

Post by Anthony's Weiner »

Having an asshole son is not limited to Cambodian parents, the motorcycle cost $1500 this house $500,000.

A father-son feud has turned even uglier — with a wild, rainbow-colored paint job on a half-million-dollar home in a swanky gated Florida community.

The DYI disaster — splashes and splotches of blue, orange, yellow, green, red, purple and pink paint that the windows along with nearby trees, the lawn and even the mailbox — is riling neighbors in the lakefront community in Naples.

The paint job unfolded over a couple of weeks, neighbors told the Naples Daily News, and soon afterward, Jeffrey Liebman, who owns the home with his father, Dennis Liebman, moved out.

It turns out father and son have been duking it out in court... ... ck-at-dad/
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