So Lucky to Have a Python ?

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So Lucky to Have a Python ?

Post by CEOCambodiaNews »

Cambodia News: A python is living in the roof of a meat shop in Vihear Sukea market, and local people believe that it brings good luck.
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Re: So Lucky to Have a Python ?

Post by DaveG »

Well I won't be going anywhere near that place, :shock: ... are-attack
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Re: So Lucky to Have a Python ?

Post by Kammekor »

DaveG wrote: Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:53 pm Well I won't be going anywhere near that place, :shock: ... are-attack
So will the rats.
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Re: So Lucky to Have a Python ?

Post by bucknaked »

Jesus Christ, imagine trying to work with that overhead
Even the ugly ones
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Re: So Lucky to Have a Python ?

Post by IraHayes »

Looks like a Burmese Python. They are pretty docile, unlike Reticulated pythons, which can have a rather nasty temperament. Ignore it and it will probably ignore you. And there’s plenty of rats, cats and small dogs to keep it well fed.
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Re: So Lucky to Have a Python ?

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

I would give my eye teeth and willingly murder my first three grandchildren to share my home with either one of these.

Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus)
One of the biggest snakes in the world, these powerful ambushing constrictors are native to Southeast Asia. The nocturnal python lives in forested plains and hills, usually close to water. They can grow up to 6 meters (20 ft) long and weigh up to 180 kg (400 pounds) but despite their size they are excellent swimmers and can stay submerged for up to 30 minutes. Females of this species are typically larger than males and can lay 30-50 eggs per year. They feed on big mammals. If a Burmese Python has overwhelmed and swallowed a big prey, it will not hunt for months.
These snakes are frequently killed for their meat and their beautiful skin to make leather. They are also used for the production of traditional medicine.

Reticulated Python (Python reticularis)
The reticulated Python lives like the Burmese Python in forested regions of Southest-Asia and its isles and archipelagos. Reticulated pythons show a high degree of adaptability and often live near to human settlements, where they feed upon rats and chicken. This snake species may be even longer than the Burmese python. The record length of a snake caught on Sulawesi is 9,99 meters, so reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world.
Also the females in this species grow much longer and get heavier than the males. In relation to their length, the reticulated python is rather slim. The females lay 10 to 40 eggs and set on to the eggs and breed them.
The reticulated python is hunted because of its meat and its beautiful skin used for the production of shoes or bags, often for tourist’s souvenirs.

(Just joking about the grandkids - i'll keep them alive to live in terror of the beast if they do not behave exactly according to my instructions.)
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