Lots of Bangs (LP)

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Re: Lots of Bangs (LP)

Post by StroppyChops »

As a dairy farm boy I developed a passionate hatred for crows because of the carnage they can cause during calving. Little known fact: crows steer positively using their tail feathers only. We'd spend a lot of time trying to catch a crow. If we were ever successful we'd pull out it's tail feathers, whack a lit Tom Thumb firecracker up it's clacker, point it into the sky and let it go. While that's not PC these days it was hilarious 40-odd years ago.
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Re: Lots of Bangs (LP)

Post by Milord »

5 years ago, 5 miles from my house a propane storage facility blew up.

Airport, trains, busses, electric, gas lines all shut down. Even the fire dept had to retreat.

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