Is Koh Rong's Police Beach Dangerous ?

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Re: Is Koh Rong's Police Beach Dangerous ?

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jaynewcastle wrote: Mon Feb 24, 2020 11:51 pm There are potential rapists lurking everywhere, around places where young western women (and men too) go to get drunk & take drugs, putting themselves at high risk.

Remember on Occhy beach near the pier in Snooky 5-6 years ago, a young woman drank herself unconscious, fell asleep on the beach, putting herself in a very dangerous & vulnerable position of being attacked, which she was

You've got to use your brain & common sense when travelling & take are of yourself, especially if you're travelling alone, whether you're a man or a woman
I can't even go my local beer garden TBH.

Last week, I was there with my cohort and the ladies poured more beer than even old mish can take.

One particular lady was very enthusiastic, so was invited by everyone to our local KTV.

At the venue, she decided to drag me outside and into the adjoining 'Guest House'

Despite my protests, she stripped me and proceeded to rape me.

Even when i begged to stop, she wanted more.

I swear by Mish's eyes this is true. She took advantage of my drunken situation.

People may laugh, but by god she did that.

My friends bear witness.

Should I join #metoo

I have the pics to prove it (non sordid) but it really happened.

Piss taking aside I am genuinely afraid to go that beer garden again - and I've been going there 10 years
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