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atst wrote: Sun Aug 30, 2020 1:19 pm Back in NZ and Australia it's Indian tenants people don't want, very hard to get the curry smell out once they move out.
There is something too be said there about where this kind of behaviour can lead. The smell of what foods the prospective tenants cook on a daily basis, could bring the landlord troubles from naigbouring tenants, also as you quote "getting rid of the smell", I would think most landlords would build that factor into their business plan, being that, when a tenant left, the landlord would have the property deep cleaned in preparation for the next tenants.
But where this kind of behaviour can lead, were this kind of tenant lives in a community of his/her own kind. Also you can see the potential problem of the landlords actions leaning on the edge of being accused of racial discrimination.

The same thing is said in parts of the UK and I would think in many other countries, more so being that of western world countries I would add. Firstly, the landlord wants suited tenants for his/her accomadations, the ability to pay would be the most important. Most would want employed people whom have the ability to pay, also able to provide references from previous accommodations, or that of a guarantor in some cases (I have been a guarantor here in Phnom Penh for a Khmer family).
In the UK there's laws that protect both parties, but sometimes the landlord can fall foul of the tenants, resulting in none payment/damage of property, then a long process of a costly eviction.

I don't know of such laws in this country, anyone accounted any or have information?

By the way, the family I was guarantor for, I initialy paid the deposit and first months renal, (they paid me back in full). But shortly afterwards the family was evicted, with a two hour timescale to leave, this was due to their ID cards not being of the new type, and also not having the family book, the landlord actually approached me, to let me know the situation and were he stood in view of the law, being it was that of the authorities who had approached him, I had the option to rent the accommodation in my name (loophole) for the family to stay, but it was good, they had an offer of other accommodation.
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