How safe is vaping?

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How safe is vaping?

Post by pczz »

Given the number of people puffing e-cigarettes and the recent reports of death and injury how safe is vaping?
According to this article it depends where your refills are made. It claims that European vaping is more tightly regulated and that is why most of the deaths and injuries have been in the US where it has been unregulated. A new ban in the States on all flavoured products is coming into force to get rid of the toxic chemicals that have been used creating them, which is leading to job cuts in the industry.
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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by Doc67 »

I gave up smoking the first time with vaping, switching overnight to a nicotine rich oil and gradually stepping down to a zero content nicotine oil at which point, when that batch of oil was finished, I never bothered to buy anymore; Et Voila. So I am a big fan of vaping as a method to get off cigarettes.

I don't think it even compares with the dangers of cigarettes but when you inhale anything other than clean air into your lungs you are going to pay a price.
A lot of the 'vapers' inhale huge quantities of vapour and stink the place out all around them. It is a very naff habit.
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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by jubo2 »

Clearly I guess that everything made in EU is more regulated as you cannot just pay FDA as it is done in USA. You pay, you are approved, I think it's different in EU.
Anchor Moy
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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by Anchor Moy »

The problem with vaping is that it has become trendy among young people in western countries to go around blowing out disgusting clouds of smelly strawberry or vanilla vapour.
I get the point that it is not healthy and kids should not do it.
However, as a lifelong smoker who thinks about giving up some day, that is about the only way that I could imagine working for me. Banning vaping may protect the kids, but it would remove a very useful tool for adult smokers to reduce or give up cigarettes.

As an aside, and a bit OT, it would be good if the authorities all over the world would put as much zeal into combating air pollution as they do for discouraging smokers. It is easier to avoid (or remove) a smoker than factories, diesel fumes from vehicles, and forest fires.
The families living on dirt roadsides in Cambodia, for example, suffer from fumes and dust, all day, every day. The kids grow up breathing noxious air and this is way more harmful than smoking or vaping, because they cannot opt out.
I'm not against non-smokers rights to breathe clean air, but I do think that governments play on the fact that it is easier to implement anti-smoking measures than anti-pollution measures.
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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

Research published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine strongly indicates nearly all vaping problems are caused by Vitamin E acetate, widely used to cut cannabis vaping products in the US and elsewhere.

Looks pretty convincing to me, at this early stage, that most vaping is safe. Certainly safer for nicotine ingestion than smoking it. Same with vaping dry herb instead of using bongs etc.
nb - but some the flavouring chemicals used in vaping may soon be added to the proven dangers too. ... ay-experts

ps, i also agree with the more nuanced health experts who say vaping is a gateway to nicotine addiction for the young
- but a good method of withdrawal or "maintenance" for established smokers.
Not sure how you regulate for that subtlety.
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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by Captain Bonez »

No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.

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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by Brody »

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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by BR549 »

I smoked marlboros for 30 years...did not need vaping or patches to stop. My body said stop you old fuck..
One time I decided to stop I was sitting on some bunk mexican weed and just smoked doobs. My buddy just shook his head at my epiphany.
I vaped in Denver..pretty intense from a licensed store.
I vaped last summer some blackmarket oil that got me high as fuck and gave my lungs a jolt.
The fruit shit is how big biz gets kids and females hooked in for life.
I go in the weed stores in Denver and LA and see all these products ..oil..shatter..edibles...on and on.
Caveat Emptor comes to mind.
Back in the day a guy handed you a doob it was weed.
Then I got one with angel dust..not cool.
Then, it was fashionable to put crack in the joint.
Not cool.
You have designer drugs and shit cut with worse shit.
On and on and on.
You have no idea what you are vaping.
The chinese will have your EU regulated cartridges in knockoff form next week.
Just give me some buds...I will take it from there.
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Re: How safe is vaping?

Post by pczz »

jubo2 wrote: Tue Dec 24, 2019 9:21 am Clearly I guess that everything made in EU is more regulated as you cannot just pay FDA as it is done in USA. You pay, you are approved, I think it's different in EU.
Same seems to apply to Boeing planes according to the latest news reports! They KNEW it was unsafe and had even predicted the expected number of accidents ffs
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If Ya wanna smoke, smoke.

Post by Freightdog »

The biggest danger may be that it will turn the smokee into a pretentious prat. Similar to those elegant smoking sticks of old, so that everyone in the vicinity has the chance of experiencing the smoke, and the foul cigarette is kept at a distance from the culprit.
An FO I flew with used to make exaggerated efforts with flailing arms, and dramatic movements when getting his 'device' from his case, and sparking up.

I just bit my lip, and avoiding telling him he looked like a twat. And the sickly sweet odours! If they had made me puke, I would have ensured it was all over him.

I find it strange. Like vegetarians making something that looks and smells like meat. If you want to eat meat, eat meat. if you don't. don't. If you want to smoke, smoke. Just not here...
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