How much do you guys correct your girlfriend's English?

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Re: How much do you guys correct your girlfriend's English?

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TeachingForPeanuts wrote: Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:49 pm I don't find myself correcting her pronunciation a lot. It's grammar. Like conjugating verbs in the third person singular. I do, you do, we do, they do, he . . . does. Which is a two pronged problem for Cambodian learners because they don't conjugate verbs in Khmer and they don't have "s" sounds at the end of words.

Also, "If everyone understands what I mean when I say "he do" why would you correct me?"

Maybe this is a cultural difference. I think it's important for her not just to be understood, but also to sound professional and polished. Maybe in Khmer people don't judge each other on speaking improper Khmer. In my country, people are judged on speaking bad English.
Well, I admire your ambition! What you are aiming for is certainly the best if you can get her there (but re-read your OP!)
Personally I would be practical and go for the maximum communication from the least effort. What is the point in her learning vocab if people can't understand her when she uses it?
Unless she's going for some highly professional career in your country, I would be happy with effective communication and bugger the grammar etc. I believe people will accept her way of talking and even find it charming.
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