How Many Westerners Do You Know Who Have Died in Cambodia?

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Re: How Many Westerners Do You Know Who Have Died in Cambodia?

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quoted from BR459:

I second that and will be in contact with the moderator and work towards solidifying this, the gross apathy and cold hearted, confusing comments regarding someone's passing and rumors regarding these folks on this board lately, have been a needless cipher for me. I'm tired of having to figure out a posters authenticity and intent here on this board. There has been more than a fair bit of strange stuff posted around the passing or circumstances of people here recently and I find it toxic.

We can thank certain bloggers who fail to demonstrate humility or class of any kind, the dire circumstances of someone's passing or the destitute situation that the living among us are in, can quite easily occur faster than you think. Yes, those individuals, that have been fodder here on this board, may have significant mental health issues and, no, I do not agree with working them out here in the KOW. But it happens, and we are all tired (our Khmer hosts incl.) of seeing it, and we are all learning everyday.

Until you suffer over decades with family members with these issues you would not know how much it hurts. If you have been spared this thank your strong bloodline and not yourself. Try that please next time you get the opportunity. Try a new thing instead of dissing on someone less fortunate than you and think of yourself as objective and qualified to prattle on from a high place.

At times lately I feel like re reading David Icke and the "global reptilian vs merovingian" METAPHOR, (my take/tangent on Icke: We humans are plodding along into the 21st cent. and getting our ass handed to us repeatedly by hi tech and the impacts of that, i.e. we most definitely do not have the blood/dna/memes to encounter this stuff at present. This whole communication culture I am engaging in at this writing is so f'n new I guess folks just decided to lose their minds cuz that box of sand in your hand is so dang smawt!

I spend time watching Nat Geo vids about plants communicating and the tech we have now proves theories that have been around longer than the tech, to further cheer myself up I learn about mammalian feelings or EQ thru Nat Geo, and other times this board provides me knowledge and peace and not pure neurosis.

A lovely evening to you all, keep your hearts and minds open, I heard its a thing...

btw, instead of Icke's metaphor I reread some regional stuff and learned what I needed without going overboard into the conspiracy black hole, Icke is not the problem, his semi literate base is
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Re: How Many Westerners Do You Know Who Have Died in Cambodia?

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Why bother with a list
Back in Australia hot rod clubs have a remembrance day , as you know hot rodding is a old folks hobby young kids aren't into it or can't afford it with all the rules
There were more members on the list than at the remembrance day
Sad but true
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Re: How Many Westerners Do You Know Who Have Died in Cambodia?

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John Bingham wrote: Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:06 pm I'm not sure who Bradford was to be honest, maybe if I saw a picture of him I'd remember.

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