How do khmers compare with thais?

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Re: How do khmers compare with thais?

Post by tuktuk »

I don't think there is much difference if you're comparing people in rural Cambodia and rural Thailand. Let's not generalize whole nations of people based on a handful of interactions with them.
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Re: How do khmers compare with thais?

Post by newkidontheblock »

On the visit to Thailand, was in the back of the tour car with missus, and the Thai driver and guide in the front. The Thai were speaking very softly, like the kind of whispering one does when saying bad stuff behind one’s back. Was told by the guide this is the normal volume for Thai, unless they are those ‘other’ (aka, been polluted by living near the Cambodian border). Also told that honking while driving was a sign of rudeness.

Just a single observation from the eternal tourist to the KOW.
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